2008--year in review

This is my last (and 127th) post of the year. Less than last year. I've read 17 books and am in the middle of two more. Slightly more than last year. Created the Life List and marked 6 things off it with progress on 3 more. Obviously more than last year. Traveled 123 days for work (including sites that are blessedly in town). Slightly less than last year. Here's how the rest of the year went down (per my Christmas card insert):

January—Started my training to volunteer at a local non-profit that helps children who have lost parents or siblings (and their parents). I’ve been doing this twice a month all year.

February—Turned 31 with fancy birthday dinner. First Valentine’s Day with the then Boyfriend (who was sick).

March—Went to Vegas with The Boyfriend (for my job and a little leisure). We saw our first Cirque show. Also, The Brother got married (without me having a nervous breakdown).

April—Was in my second wedding of the year. Went to Opening Day of the Astros.

May—My friend won a trip to Paris to see Madonna and asked me to go with her. My first trip to Europe! Later, I joined The Boyfriend on his work trip in New York City—Yankee game, Broadway show.

June—Some home improvement. Only two rooms left to do after two years of ownership. (What are the odds of these getting done in 2009 what with a wedding to plan and all...)

July—Pennsylvania for Independence Day. Great long weekend! Saw the Astros play the Pirates.

August—Weekend in Brenham picking and stomping grapes. A year of knowing The Boyfriend. Labor Day weekend trip to West Texas. Did not see the Marfa Lights but sled down the sand dunes and saw a drive-in movie.

September—Survived Hurricane Ike.

October—Sneakily set foot on the grass at Minute Maid Park. First Halloween party at my house.

November—Got engaged! Best. Day. Ever.

December—Headed to DC and Pennsylvania for a white Christmas, bringing the number of new states this year up to six (total up to 32).

I know that many people will look back on 2008 and remember negative things. There have been lots of negative things in lives around me. In my family. In our community. In our country. But for me, it was definitely the best year yet. By far. I mean, FAR.


klm said…
I very happy you had a fantastic year! But I bet the next one will be the best, yet. :)
Bubba's Sis said…
May you have even MORE blessings in 2009 (I know you will!)!!
StaceyG said…
I also choose to focus on the good things! I'm so happy for you guys!
Courtney said…
I feel the same way and almost feel guilty for saying so because so many had such a crappy year. But 2008 was, by far, one of the best years yet for me. Amazing things happened and it was one of the best years of my life so far! Hoping 2009 is even better for you! xx
Patois said…
I'm so glad it was a good year for you. And I bet this year will be even better.

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