um, hi. remember me?

It appears that I just fled to the great white north without saying goodbye. Without letting you know when I'd be back. Without wishing you a merry Christmas. Sorry about that.

So, I'm back. The Fiance and I left for DC on the 19th. We had a really good time visiting some of the memorials and museums and government buildings. It was very cold and we spent a lot of time outdoors. But that gave me a chance to wear cute winter clothes. We also visited one of my favorite people from high school which was really great (and long overdue). I wish they lived closer. Obligatory pics...

Doesn't it just look cold in most of those? One nifty thing was seeing some of the preparation for the inauguration--temporary fencing, bleachers being built. Also? Love, love, love the National Cathedral. Looks so European. And while we were there we got to hear the choir practicing. When they sang "O Holy Night" I had a few tears. It's such a beautiful song and they had great voices that were filling such a spectacular building.

We stayed till Monday and then drove to Pennsylvania where it was even colder. But there was SNOW! This was our yard (sadly, after the snow starting melting on Wednesday):
We went skiing on Tuesday. When I say "skiing" I mean that I only fell down once and threw myself down once (to avoid disaster) and only went down the ski school so-opposite-of-steep incline. But I didn't hurt myself.

Wednesday was fairly relaxing and Thursday was finally Christmas. We had a good day filled with good food and family and presents. We flew back on Friday and had a brief visit with The Fiance's family in Austin. Made it back home Saturday night and just hung out yesterday. It was a really good vacation filled with multiple "firsts" and quality family time and some rest.

I hope you all had a great holiday as well. Next up, 2009. Yikes.


klm said…
you went skiing? and your knees?? i guess okay!! yippie!! glad you had a fantastic time!!
Katie Lady said…
Sounds like lots of fun, glad it all went smoothly! Love your DC pics.
Patois42 said…
Hey, you sound like a mighty fine skier to me!

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