the weather outside is frightful

But allegedly tonight The Fiance is starting a delightful fire. Literally, people; get your mind out of the gutter. It's rainy today and just above freezing. Yesterday? In the 70s. If I hadn't gotten sick before...

So, quick question for the day. For those of you who have planned a wedding in the past (or I guess this could apply to any big topic like childrearing, etc.), how did you handle people who had lots of advice? People with opinions different from your own? People who say "should?"

If you haven't guessed, this has come up multiple times already, and we haven't even gotten started with real planning yet.

Have I mentioned it's freakin' cold outside? I'm a wussy Texan (but perhaps that's why I live in Texas).


Katie Lady said…
OK, I promise I will not give any more advice. And, I certainly won't say SHOULD!

Except right now, because you asked....

Listen attentively, smile, and say 'that's a good point, thank you! We'll think about it.' Then promptly ignore whatever it was they just said. It is YOUR wedding, after all. Do whatever you want.

But, you SHOULD just ignore people. ;)

And, for what it's worth, you will hear 'should' the rest of your life. You'll get really good at ignoring it, trust me.
Bubba's Mom said…
First of all, I haven't congratulated you yet! I am so proud and happy for you!! And, you'll live in your cute little house and be happy forever after. Now, about the wedding advice-givers. As a person who has been involved with weddings for a very long time (as florist, and coordinator) remember it's YOUR wedding. Let it be a reflection of yours and fiance's personalities. Weddings have tended to be so over-the-top these days and there is such no need for that. You two plan your wedding the way it will make you happiest, and it will just roll right out there for you. Trust me!
cjh said…
Let me add that when I ask for advice, I really want it. Or a general "If you need anything, let me know" comment is always appreciated.

Thanks for the advice, ladies. And, Bubba's Mom, I may have to pick your expert brain.
Patois said…
Grin and bear it and do it however you want. Ah, a nice warm fire. Ah.
klm said…
Say enthusiastically, "Thank you! I will add it to the "The List" of ideas to discuss with The Fiance."

Then "scratch it off" if you really dont like it and if necessary say sadly, "The Fiance preferred the other idea."

angelq said…
You should just not take anyone's advice buy mine - cuz it's the best.
Bubba's Sis said…
I echo what the others have said - smile politely and say "Thank you for the advice!" and then do what you want! It's YOUR wedding!

Stay warm, sweetie!
Anonymous said…
i agree with everything everyone is saying. just remember the advice givers intentions- they just want to be helpful. their heart is in the right place. having said that, there is no reason you should feel bad about saying no, because if the advice givers really care for you, they'll be ok with it. and anyway, we all know how stubborn you are, it won't be a surprise when you decided to do your own thing. :-o


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