last minute

I flew to Dallas this morning because I was supposed to be at one of my sites today and one tomorrow. When I got here at 8:00, I found out that my site wasn't opening until 11:00 but the winter weather warning had just been extended to 4:00. The weather (and traffic) was so bad here today that we just went ahead and postponed today's visit and I ended up working at the hotel. They're talking about frozen fog on the news. I've never even heard of such a thing. Yea for room service. Yea for not having to get out on icy roads in freezing temperatures.

I've also had a chance to try to figure out our Washington DC itinerary. I'm always so last-minute with planning... If you've been, what would you suggest seeing and what wasn't worth your time?


Laura said…
I've heard the spy museum is a must see. It wasn't there when I went 10 years ago. The Smithsonian was my favorite.
Editor in Chief said…
National Portrait Museum. I think you have to pay, but it has been recently redone is a nice walk through American History. It is also the big new "date" destination, according to our DC sources.

We don't know what frozen fog is either, but are enjoying our two days of winter!
Editor in Chief said…
Dude, you're in Dallas and didn't call us?!? I think I'm offended.

Stop by my brother's bar, it's at Dupont Circle, and called The Big Hunt. Tell him I sent you, he works every night but Mon. and Tues.

The WWII monument is awesome at night. As are all the monuments, but that one is just stunning.
Katie Lady said…
Wait, that last Editor in Chief was me, katielady. Oops!
Patois said…
I wouldn't pass up the Vietnam memorial. I love everything in the Smithsonian. Frankly, I tear up at all the monuments, too. Okay, so you've got three weeks to cover it all, right?!
Bubba's Sis said…
Bubba mentioned the frozen fog - I have no idea what that is. Sounds....cold.

I've never been to Washington D.C. but it's on our list of Places to Go - can't wait to hear about your trip!
StaceyG said…
Frozen fog?? I'd like to hear what that's like!
Eddie said…
Any of the free art museums in DC are ok in my book!

I have never heard of frozen fog.

Was your hotel in Dallas by the Galleria? I just looooove that mall. And it snows inside there around the holidays!

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