the same but different

Remember on Seinfeld? How George's fiance, Susan, died because of licking all those wedding invitation envelopes? Let's hope my incessant Christmas card envelope licking doesn't end the same way. They'll go in the mail tomorrow, people. Woohoo!

Also, lots of shopping last Friday so hopefully I'll be ready for the holidays. And of course I have a head cold. I think I'm feeling better. Hard to tell with the medication hangover...

In obligatory engagement news, I had to bail on lunch with the future MIL today because I literally had no voice. And? It took my ring finger a week to get used to the engagement ring. It now notices when it's gone. My pointer finger, however, is still feeling a little sad. It used to sport the left hand ring (for years) but now that seems to bling-y. One ring per hand. Poor, sad pointer finger.

(I said I was sick. That's as good of a post as I can muster today...)


klm said…
hey one week isnt bad at all. and my condolences to the pointer finger.
Feel better and stay warm!!

Have ya'll set a date yet?
Patois42 said…
Poor pointer finger. And poor you. Hope your future MIL doesn't hold it against you. For the rest of her life.
cjm said…
No date yet, Bubba's Sis. All planning is on hold till after the new year.

And, Patois, the FMIL is already planning a day of pedicures for next week. I believe I'm forgiven.

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