i'm an old man on a front porch

I'm still trying to not be sick. I know people say it is just an old wives tale that the weather can make you ill, but I give you this:

December 9th: high 78, low 46
10th: 46/32 with snow
11th: 56/33
12th: 62/32
13th: 71/38 (I don't believe this low but that's what the internet said.)
14th: 74/63

Balmy when we went to bed last night. When I woke up this morning at The Fiance's it was suddenly about 15 degrees cooler. When I drove home it was still balmy. Now? 50 degrees.

I know I'm going to be whining about the cold when we're up north starting Friday but at least it will be predictable. Freezing. Tomorrow? Freezing. The next day? Freezing. Freezing, freezing, freezing. And snow. Where God intended it to be--above the Mason-Dixon.


klm said…
At least you will not be old lonely cat woman! :) Always look on the bright, warm, sunny side of life :)
I wish we had temps like that up here! Our high today is 25 and it was only 15 when we woke up!!! We are also expecting snow tonight. Not much, only 4 inches. Have a safe trip! Wish you all were able to come to Michigan on your trip. Maybe next time.
Katie Lady said…
Yeah, the ups and downs are SOOO December Texas weather! Makes for quite a packing challenge if you are visiting here. And quite the sinus irritant if you live here.
Patois said…
I much prefer knowing what it's going to be like temp-wise. Otherwise, my sinuses get conked. Like now.
Bubba's Sis said…
Yeah, I'm trying to not get sick, too - but with this crazy-ass weather, my sinuses are like, "WTF?? A/C or heat? Pick one!!"

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