i'm feeling

Tired. I shouldn't. I got some rest yesterday. I didn't wake up terribly early. I'm blaming the dreary weather. It can't help but lure you into napping.

Freaked out. Dude, that wedding countdown thing is less than 6 months. Yep, I'm freaked out. It doesn't seem like I'm far enough along in planning. I keep thinking of more things to do...it does not seem like the list is getting shorter.

Busy. It feels like there's so much going on that I'm like, "My birthday? Whatever. Valentine's Day? Whatever." Yeah, that's happening this week. I feel ill-prepared. I've always looked forward to my birthday well in advance but not this year. And it's not even because I'm having some sort of aging crisis. I'm just busy.

I'm also apathetic about work and feel like I could be working in the yard or painting the Ugly Bathroom or anything but responding to e-mails and harassing people...


I can totally relate to the freaked out feeling. I am 21 weeks pregnant, that is over half way done - YIKES!! I am due in 4 months and we have not even touched this child's room AT ALL! Hunter's room has not been done either. I have TONS to do to get ready for the arrival of Hunter's brother. When on earth am I going to find time in between chasing a 2 year old(as of yesterday!) and taking care of my husband, self and house??? I am totally freaked out!!!
Bubba's Sis said…
I'm tired and busy, too. And a little freaked out. About different stuff than you, but still. And it's a dreary Monday. Bleck.
StaceyG said…
I feel tired and busy as well. But then I think of all the folks that are facing lay-offs and shake it off. We are lucky, lucky, lucky!
Patois said…
Mondays have that effect on me, too.

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