ninety-nine percent sure

The DJ contract is getting e-mailed over today. Woohoo!

The Fiance and I finally like the same wedding invitation. Woohoo!

I don't want to be too free with the ideas on the blog before the wedding because I would like some things to be a surprise. However, I think I have a grasp on a few details that I was really torn about so that's good, too. Vague, I know. One is wedding site decor and the other has to do with reception place settings. Believe me, there will be so many pictures after the wedding I may post about nothing else until our first anniversary.

In other exciting news, The Brother and SIL may be back in their house NEXT WEEK! (Six months post-Ike for those of you keeping score.) They may be sitting and sleeping on their newly re-carpeted floors but they'll be there.


Katie Lady said…
YAY!! Things to mark off lists! WOO HOO!!!
Glad to hear that the wedding planning is moving along and that things are getting marked off the list! That is a great feeling!

Yay for the brother and SIL moving back into their own house!!! AWESOME!!
Patois said…
Go go go! BTW, love the new photo in the corner of the blog. That photographer really did a nice job.

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