very good day

I can't tell you all the reasons why but it is one of the best days in a long time. What I can tell you is that my wedding dress is in (almost a full month early!).

It's a lovely, sunny day.

I had a flat tire last night and was lucky enough to have The Brother to change it. I also didn't have this happen while driving 70mph or far from home or have a blow out. Because let me tell you, that tire was in bad shape. So was its partner because my car was really out of alignment. While some would look negatively at this unexpected expense, I'm just glad I had the money to fix it and that nothing worse happened.

I had good leftovers for lunch.

I've made a few wedding purchases over the last few days and have gotten many more ideas about things.

You wanted to know wedding colors... I want most of the affair to be pretty neutral. The girls' dresses will be like a mocha color (photo courtesy of Alfred Angelo):

Note: that is not the dress...just looking at the color. But the flowers and some of the reception decorations will be really fun pops of color. Now, when I tell people this they never have a very good look on their face but I think it's going to be fantastic. You just have to trust me. We're going with this (photo courtesy of

Yep, orange and green (but some of the flowers will be apple green as well). Repeat after me, "It's going to be fantastic." It is, you know.


StaceyG said…
I like the orange and green. Those colors compliment your hair.
Bubba's Sis said…
It's going to be fantastic!!!
ndh said…
I think the colors will be great...and who could ever doubt your choices!
I certainly agree that your wedding will be fantastic!!! The colors are amazing together! Good choices!
Patois said…
What kind of person wouldn't like orange and green. Wow! It's going to be fantastic!!
Katie Lady said…

I noticed your book list, did you get my package?

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