a little weekend recap

I started things off with a productive Friday (which has been like pulling teeth around here lately). I got to help someone out at work, get some office things done, had lunch with The Fiance, and worked a bit on The Ugly Bathroom. Then The Brother spent the night so that he could rest up before his big certification exam. Why are all certification exams the same? You have to pick the alleged best answer from a group of terrible ones, you leave without any good sense of how you did, and then you don't find out for at least a month.

On Saturday I was forced to clean the house and I did a little rearranging in the office. We took advantage of the fantastic weather and The Fiance ran while I walked briskly along some of the nearby trails. I remembered how much I love those trails and wondered why I don't venture down there more often. We got a little window shopping in and got ready for the most super awesome engagement party ever.

Three of my lovely bridesmaids hosted the cocktail party. The food and beverages were great (including a chocolate fountain), the flowers were pretty, there was a real live musician playing the guitar, and there were cute little napkins with our names on them. Everything, of course, was in wedding colors. And then you add almost all of my favorite people and that makes for a great time. Thank you, nice ladies.

Our relatively late night (man, we're old) meant sleeping in followed by a good brunch. It was a pretty mellow Sunday with some errands thrown in. Why does it never seem like the weekends are long enough? And why are Mondays so hard?


Patois said…
That sounds like such a lovely weekend.
Sounds like you had a great weekend! Ours was spent taking care of Hunter who had the flu and a temp of 103.
So, what are your wedding colors?
StaceyG said…
What a nice weekend! Mondays ARE hard though.
Bubba's Mom said…
Sounds like such a good time. And, America wants to know, just what are those wedding colors??
cjh said…
I give you a clue...they're all over the blog right now.
Bubba's Sis said…
Sounds like a lovely time!

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