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My birthday was good. I had a stranger ask if I was over 18 that day so that's nice. And it was drawn out, which I don't mind. The Fiance and I observed it the day before its actual occurrence due to schedules. We had some quality time and dressed up a little bit and dined out (fondue!) and opened presents. On Valentine's Day we went here because I don't remember ever going before. And on Sunday, I was finally surprised on my birthday with an informal little party with some of my favorite people. The evening was finished off with some Guitar Hero. Good birthday all around.


The wedding planning continues. We have actual contracts signed and deposits down on the two locations. That means we have a legitimate date. I've ordered Save the Dates and those should be in by the end of the week. My dress came in and I had my first fitting on Sunday. It should be ready in about a month. Now we just need to pin down the rest of the big vendors and I'll be able to rest easy. It's all the little, DIY stuff that I'm looking forward to...

I realized last night that I'm probably dragging my feet a little bit because I still have one more doctor appointment before I'm declared healthy. I go to have the "northern girl bits" checked out on Thursday. While I've done a pretty good job ignoring it until the appointment approaches, I guess it's been in the back of my mind. It gets pushed a bit more to the forefront when I hear about my SIL's good friend who is battling breast cancer (double mastectomy, chemo, upcoming radiation...and she's 30). I know everything could be fine. I could finally just be a girl happily planning her long-awaited wedding instead of a girl wondering if people would feel bad enough about the cancer bride to give deposits back.

Quick update: We now have a caterer and the DJ we want is available. Progress!


Bubba's Mom said…
Better get that photographer booked next - the good ones book up quick. Sounds like you are getting this thing nailed down, girlfriend. And you're going to get that clean bill of health on all your parts too.
Katie Lady said…
Glad you got a DJ and caterer!

I'm with BS, better get that photographer in the bag soon, too.
Bubba's Sis said…
I'm praying for a clean bill of health on your northern girl bits so that you can put that out of your mind and enjoy the rest of the wedding planning!

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