one down, one to go (again)

Mammograms? Not as bad as people would lead you to believe. I had some very nice ladies mash my boobies and then do an ultrasound. Turns out that those lumps are just cysts. Non-threatening cysts. The bad thing about that is if there are changes in the girls, I won't know if it's just another normal cyst or something to concern me. I may be getting them smooshed more often than I'd like.

Also? There's microcalcification. This is often nothing to worry about as well. However, if there is an area with multiple microcalcifications, it could mean they're clumping around abnormal cells. In a nutshell? The right boobie is off the hook but the left boobie gets to be stabbed for a biopsy. I schedule this tomorrow.


Katie Lady said…
Excellent news.
Patois said…
Let's hear it for the right! And good luck with the left! (My lefty is also the problem child of the two. I get the monster mash every six months. Only biopsied once.) TMI?
Bubba's Sis said…
Yay Right Boobie! Hang in there, Left Boobie! I know it will all turn out to be OK!

Maybe we could start a website -
StaceyG said…
Such good news! I'm glad to hear the smooshing was not that bad. I need to have that done...
Wow, so sorry to hear but glad it's not anything super serious. Hope the biposy goes well!

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