My goodness it was a busy weekend! The Fiance and I worked so hard we were both sore and felt like old people. Ok, I'm probably worse off than he is because he's so fit already. Here's what we got done:
  • Bought boots for The Fiance's rodeo duties and a pair for myself at Goodwill. $17 total, baby!
  • Bought wedding shoes for me!
  • Mowed the yard
  • Cleaned up/repaired the mower
  • Hung a garden hose holder
  • Hung an outdoor thermometer
  • Trained some vines on the porch railings
  • Planted a few new plants
  • Cut some flowers for a pretty yellow and pink arrangement
  • Hung the new bird feeder
  • Swept the porch
  • Weeded two of the beds and re-mulched! One of the beds is completely bare and we're going to turn it into a little garden for veggies and fruits. Seriously the most exciting thing in awhile (how sad is that?).
  • Prepped and addressed about 65% of the Save the Dates.
  • Narrowed down and finalized the guest list. I'm going to apologize right now for the fact that I can't invite everyone to the wedding. I have a huge family. And a huge number of pseudo-adopted family. And then there's The Fiance's list. I'd invite all of you if I could but I promise there will be lots pictures and probably more details than a person wants to read about.

Considering that I didn't realize until this morning that I go out-of-town today instead of tomorrow, I'll try to post some pictures on Friday. You may not realize how exciting the yard progress is but you can at least appreciate that it looks like spring (especially if you're still seeing nothing but snow where you are)!


Katie Lady said…
I won't be offended if I'm not invited, don't worry! You'll still get a gift, and you gotta leave room for Great Aunt Matilda, or whomever! ;)

I will say, though, that I provide musical services for free. I'm just saying.... ;)

We have to wait a bit longer to really jump-start the garden/yard work, as we still have a few cold snaps to go up here in the cold north-Texas. I'm predicting at least one more freeze. Plus, the only reason to mow is to cut the weeds back, because our grass is still brown and dormant. But, I have a bit more spring than you, so there. Pfftt!
Anonymous said…
dang, $17 dollar boots!!! I hope they are snake skin.

The Brother
Patois said…
"Progress" indeed!
Bubba's Sis said…
I'm tired and sore just reading that list!
Bubba's Mom said…
Have you ever seen that movie "The Wedding Crashers"??? There's a lot of good tricks in there!

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