narrowing down

According to the site I'm using to help plan the wedding, we have 164 days until the big day. There are 124 To Do items. Let me tell you...early on I thought about keeping a list of how many decisions a person has to make in order to plan a wedding. Good heavens, people. I think there have been hundreds already. That 124 is a ginormous under estimation.

My main goals right now are:
  1. Pick a photographer. I've done some narrowing down but need to do more. At least two of my favorites are still available for our date. Other than the groom and the dress, I think this may be the most important decision for me. It's one thing that you keep forever. And photography is one of my hobbies so I think I'm more picky. I want the photography to blow me away.
  2. Book the rentals. We need to reserve chairs. And maybe tablecloths. I'm pretty sure about the specifics...
  3. Decide on an invitation that we both like. My SIL told me that when planning their wedding, The Brother didn't really care one way or another regarding many decisions. But then he'd suddenly have an opinion on something she never expected him to care about. Apparently The Fiance has opinions about invites. Who knew? This is also a big decision for me because I love paper. So many people have told me they expected me to make our invitations but there are so many fantastic ones out there that I don't think I could improve upon them. And I have so many other DIY projects rolling around in my head. Invitations have proven difficult because there are so many ways we could go (and believe me, I've looked at hundreds of them). But finally tonight I think I've narrowed it down. I just need to see what The Fiance thinks of them...

So things are moving right along. I think my biggest problem right now is that I have too many ideas in my head. It's the same problem I have regarding interior decorating. Just like I need multiple homes, perhaps I need several weddings. I know, bite my tongue.


I remember planning our wedding. Wow is all I have to say. I never want to do that again! It was a perfect day in the end and I loved every minute of it!

Kids on the other hand, I am beginning to rethink those since mine is currently screaming and has been since 3:45am because he thinks it is time to get up and play. Battle of the wills.
Oh did I mention, the one in utero is kicking up a storm and keeping me up anyways? The joys of motherhood!
Katie Lady said…
My advice is to keep invitations simple. Simple is classy, and you want classy (you ARE a classy lady, so why not show it!). Besides, simple is also cheaper, and it's one thing that people will probably look at once or twice, then never again, so why waste lots of good money on it, when there's money to be spent elsewhere? Just my 2 cents, of course. Like you need anymore cents. ;)

FWIW, Bubba had an opinion on the invites, too. Everything else, he could really have cared less about.

Go girl!
cjh said…
Oh, if only I wanted simple invitations. I know people won't really care about the thought and time that went into picking them but it's one thing that's important to me. I'd be disappointed in simple when I looked back on it. I know, I'm freaky that way.

And then I'll just pretend the same thing I do re: my Christmas cards...that people never throw them away. :o)
Katie Lady said…
Oh honey, that's not what I meant! Simple as in elegant, not over the top! There I go putting my foot in it again. I'm sure whatever you pick will be fabby! (Like your wonderful magnets I got the other day, thanks! Those are very cool!)

I honestly can't wait to see the real thing! I really was one of those people who just assumed you were going to make them yourself....

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