instead of resolutions

Sure, there are things I need to work on. Many of them are the same things I've needed to work on for years. And maybe I'll focus on some of them this year but to change things up a bit I think I'm going to focus on some Life List items. Like maybe these:

  • Go to at least one new ballpark.
  • And at least one new state.
  • Maybe work on the beginnings of having that first child.
  • Wouldn't hurt to have that 6-figure job I enjoy but no promises there...
  • If we both decide and can find one (or two) we like--own a dog (or two).
  • Continue the mac and cheese recipe hunt.
  • And maybe throw in the coconut cream pie while I'm at it.
  • Run again.
  • Take dance lessons with The Hubby.

I think that will keep me busy... How 'bout you? Any goals for 2010?

Also? I'd like to add to the 2010 list: "Blog about the wedding." Look out.


Katie Lady said…
I would recommend not having a new baby AND a new dog at the same time. Just sayin'....

But WORKING on having a baby is perfectly acceptable combined with getting a new dog. ;)
cjm said…
Nah, we'd probably have a year or so lead time with the dog.
Anonymous said…
i know a dog or 2 that you like, that you can have. ;-)

Patois said…
Dang, but you are dreaming BIG!
jenelisebeth said…
I am intrigued by your mac-n-cheese recipe hunt. Keep us updated with that! (oh, and the important stuff too). But oh, I love thee.

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