weather realization

So it's beautiful today. Sunny, cloudless, high of 73. And I realized that with nice weather comes a complete unwillingness to work on job-related tasks. I would LOVE to be working in the yard. Everything is such a mess from the freeze and the cold and wet weather we've been having lately that has kept us indoors (you know, when we're actually home). I can't work in the yard, you say? Then could I just read this Dan Brown book? No, he's not the world's best writer but he sure lures me in. Sigh...

Yeah, perhaps living up north would do wonders for my productivity on the job but boy would I be miserable. So I'll sit here at the computer staring longingly out the window.


Patois said…
You know, people like me who are getting soaked are wishing that weather on you. Can't imagine what the northerners are thinking!
jenelisebeth said…
73? Good gracious, get outside! Just kidding, but right now we have 5 inches of snow on the ground, so 73 sounds maaaahvelous.

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