mmm, muffins

It seems like we have more food in this house for the new doggie than we do for us. Last night I made an impromptu French bread-type pizza for us humans. Then I had seen a recipe for French Breakfast Muffins over at Suburban Bliss so I made those for dessert last night/breakfast for this morning. "French" Night, it is. I even took pictures but, sadly, they weren't as good with my real camera as Melissa's were with her camera phone. Sigh... The muffins were pretty tasty last night, even better with coffee this morning. I think they'd be a great basic muffin recipe for you to add some mix-ins to as well. If you like Snickerdoodles (and you know you do), then try the recipe as written.


Katie Lady said…
You KNOW Snickerdoodles are my faves!!! I'm trying that muffin recipe, thanks!!!

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