life list: own a dog again


We adopted this little Boxer girl yesterday. This was her ad on the rescue website: name is FLO...I am a 1 1/2 year old female Boxer. They named me FLO because I am so sweet and I just roll with the flow where ever I go. Everyone who meets me says that I am just the sweetest little girl! You see, I was lost...and I got picked up by the county animal control. They put me in a large cage with lots of other dogs...but, that did not bother me...I just waited there because I knew that someone would come and see how sweet I am and get me out. Sure enough, one day a nice lady showed up and got me out of there. She put me in her car and I had a lovely ride to the vet. I am all healthy and now they are feeding me so that I can gain a little weight. However, I must admit that I am on the small side at about 45 pounds.

And here's her picture from when they first brought her in a few weeks ago:

And after some nice foster folks looked after her for a bit (she's actually still thinner than these pictures would have you believe):

And in the kitchen, chillin' after we all had breakfast:

There will be more pictures to come. I just didn't want to bother her. She is a small boxer but it does look like she could grow just a bit more. From what the foster mom could tell, she guessed she had been someone's pet. I would think so, too. She's very mild-mannered, she can walk on a leash, she knows that going outside means you should potty, she walked right into the crate after I put it together, she slept in the crate last night (with no accidents or whining). So far, so good!

Oh, and we're not sure of her name yet. Right now, it's Dog. Seeing as she was only in foster a few weeks, I'm betting she doesn't even know she was named Flo.


Patois said…
Hooray! She looks gorgeous.
She is soooo cute!!! You will love having a dog! Congrats!!!
StaceyG said…
Awwwwww...unconditional love! Congrats!
Anonymous said…
what a cute girl! on the name thing, Flo is really cute, but it sounds a bit too much like No. Just a thought.

Katie Lady said…
What a pretty girl!!! And I agree, Flo sounds too much like No, and you don't want her confused about THAT!
cjm said…
Yeah, we're not keeping "Flo." Still undecided, though.
samantha said…
Congrats on your pupper! I LOVE Boxers and she looks like such a sweetie!

Also, yeah for adopting :-)

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