well, that's a first

I got home this morning and there was an envelope-sized plastic bag in the driveway. Inside it was a folded piece of paper and a rock (presumably to hold it down). The paper? Information about the KKK. Not at all what I was expecting.


Also? I'm thinking Facebook isn't good for me sometimes. The things people say make me nuts. I know we should be tolerant of other's opinions and I could just ignore what they have to say. In fact, it's probably good to be aware of other people's views. But geez oh man.

The first one was a link to an article about big pharmaceutical companies killing yet another star (after Brittany Murphey died). I can't even elaborate on that one or I'll get all riled up again.

Then yesterday, "Looks like the media has most of your sympathy when they show Haiti. Before you start dishing out the dollars and begging for the leftover orphans that Brangelina doesn't get.. check out the history of this place first."

My very reeled in response? "Yep, I do feel bad for tens of thousands of dead people and their families. I feel bad for children who are left without parents. Doesn't matter to me what happened in their past. Human suffering gets my sympathy."

Turns out (I think) that he has a problem with our government using tax payers' money to help them (without tax payers' permission). That makes me a little less angry and slightly less aghast. Still, I don't believe we have a say in how every dollar of our tax money gets spent. Isn't that why we elect officials? So they represent us?

I don't know, people. I've just been getting frustrated lately.


We've been deemed a fit home for a rescue dog. Good news. Then we find out that our first choice (by far) has been adopted. Good for her, sad for me. Regardless, we may have a new family member at the end of the week.


Katie Lady said…
WOW, a new pet! Cool, congrats!

I hear ya on FB. It's a love-hate relationship.
Patois said…
I just posted something about FB, but nothing anywhere as serious as yours. I unfriend the ones who are too far out there. I know, I'm a bad person.

Our first TWO dogs we wanted were adopted under our feet. It was a blessing because the third one? The one who came a couple of weeks later? She's perfect.
Laura B. said…
I fully support everyone's right to believe what they want. Suport Haiti, don't support Haiti, its up to you. What I don't get is why people feel the need to broadcast their opinions like they're facts over social forums and then be surprised when they get nasty feedback?

Thats my love/hate relationship with FB. State your opinion if you want, but don't be shocked when your 'OMG STOP GIVING $ 2 HAITI' status gets you hatemail.

*gets off soapbox*

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