wedding wednesday: strike a pose

After the ladies were all dolled up, we headed outside for some pictures. We had to be careful to avoid the men and early bird guests. So here's your first shot of the color of the ladies' dresses. I wanted to go with something fairly neutral so that the flowers would pop. Please also note that I think having each girl wear a different dress turned out fabulously. I think it helped everyone feel more comfortable and look great. (These two pics were actually taken post-ceremony.)

One of the things in the bridesmaids' gift bags were parasols. I thought they'd make for fun pictures and also keep the sun off of us (anything to help with the August heat). I think they're pretty awesome:

And then I got to pose (in my one, standard position) while each of the ladies took a turn. This is my Matron o' Honor (there's a baby in there!):

This baby, in fact:

And my Maid o' Honor (who has already re-worn her dress--woohoo!):

My best bud from college/college roommate (isn't her little bow cute?):

My SIL (we are apparently very entertained with one another):

My oldest friend (we've known each other an awful long time):

And her daughter, our lovely flower girl:

Honestly, I think they all looked fabulous. I love that they got to show their own personalities with their dresses, shoes, hairstyles, and make-up. And, again, how great did they do making their own bouquets?!

(All pics brought to us by the super talented Monique Montoya.)


Patois said…
All so beautiful! Love the parasols. LOVE the bouquets!

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