married into royalty

Last night was my first Mardi Gras Ball. It was a good time. There were drinks and food and dancing and entertainment and finery and an appropriate level of Mardi Gras gaudiness. There was one wardrobe malfunction (a middle-aged, strapless-dress-wearing lady). Oh, yeah. And my FIL was the king:

Isn't he cute? I wish you could see his gold shoes better. At one point, the song that my husband and MIL danced to at our wedding came on. Dear Hubby was out of the room so his parents danced with each other. He made it back in time for us to switch partners. So, yeah, I danced with the king.

While the rest of us weren't official royalty, we certainly could have passed for it:

We had a real (prom-type) picture taken of the five of us so hopefully my dress will show up better there. I really like it but this is probably the worst angle to have viewed me in it. My hair was pulled off to the side away from the camera, my dress' bling is just barely peaking out (again, away from the camera), and you can't see my favorite features of it--the front's asymmetrical neckline and the back. Oh, well. But don't my SIL and MIL look fabulous? And how about the hubby? First time I've seen him in a tux. His jacket was his dad's, circa 1960.

After the party was, of course, the after party. It was hosted by the king and queen. We helped set up for it, and my husband had the great idea to make a trio of brownies. All were tasty and one type was especially cute. Props to him because he had only minimal supervision and advice from me. I will take credit for arranging them neatly on pretty trays. The ones on the outside of the first tray are a brownie/oatmeal cookie combo. The swirly ones are brownies with walnuts inside and white and milk chocolate swirled on top. And the super cute ones down below are brownies made in mini muffin pans with the centers pushed down so that you can fill them with an awesome cream cheese/white chocolate cream. And top with a raspberry, of course.

Edit: Better dress pics from my SIL (I mean, really, how often are we fancy? Gotta show it off!):


Patois said…
Dang, but you are hot in that dress! And it sounds like it was a blast.
Anonymous said…
you guys look awesome! i agree w/ patois, you look hot in that dress! hair and make-up awesome as well!

Katie Lady said…
What a great time! And a mardi gras ball already? Isn't it just barely epiphany?

I went to a Mardi Gras ball with a good college friend of mine (who is now gay) way back when I still had long hair (and he wasn't gay), his parents were king and queen of the ball, and it was so much fun!
Katie Lady said…
Fabby dress, btw!
cjm said…
Thanks, nice peeps. :)

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