maybe pluto's to blame

Remember how I mentioned before that my personal computer broke? Apparently that was only the beginning.

Yesterday my work computer crapped out at times. About the right third of the keyboard ended up taking control. And by that I mean it was like I was pushing the "control" key. That's fun. And I could only use the left shift key. I have realized that I almost solely use the right shift key when typing so this has thrown me off. And sometimes "shift" did not work at all. And some of the numbers just ignored me at times. I tried to restart. Still broken and I couldn't even log on because my password and ID each have a capital letter. Sweet. If I shut down, walked away, and started all over again it would work. For maybe an hour. Today it seems to be ok.

During all of that I was listening to my iPod. It suddenly just stopped playing. Six seconds left in an REM song...froze. No button would work. It would do nothing. This sucked because I have most of my music (as a back-up) on the broken personal computer. After walking away from this, too, I found out how to re-boot it on the Apple website. Praise Jesus.

Then, just for fun, my cell phone charger that I use in my car...yeah, broke. This only reinforces my thinking that I need a new cell phone.

So three things in one day. I don't know a whole lot about astrology but one thing I've heard numerous times is that when Mercury is in retrograde bad things happen with technology (and you should also not sign contracts or make really important decisions). I looked it up...Mercury is not in retrograde. Just when astrology had a chance to prove itself...

However, this is the summary of my October forecast: "You need something good to happen, and you need it fast. You have become tired of waiting for a really positive, happy month, especially because you haven't had one in a long time. Few signs have had to carry so much, with so little positive feedback to keep you going. Happily, now you will have your superb month, and it comes at precisely the right time." Maybe there's something to it afterall.


I don't know about astrology, but bad things DO happen in 3's! At least you got all yours out of the way in one day..
StaceyG said…
Maybe you're one of those people that seem to affect electronic devices. That stuff really does happen!
Editor in Chief said…
Ooh, that is poopy. I had troubles with our laptop last night, too. Sounds like maybe you need a new keyboard. And a new phone.

Luckily, you're supposed to have the best month! Congrats on that!
Anonymous said…
is your refrigerator running?
cjm said…
Yep, the fridge is running. Knock on wood. And it would be nice to have a new keyboard but it's a laptop... It worked ok today, too. Maybe it just doesn't like being at home.
nora said…
bubba's sis is right, since all bad have happened already, all left is great things are now to come.
Anonymous said…
Holy Moses. Sounds kinda like what's going on over here at my house. Anything that is expensive and is truly fatal to our day-to-day lives is in the crapper. WTF? I'm sorry if I passed it along to you. I didn't know it was contagious!

And that October forecast? If it weren't for the last sentance I would have burst into tears--thank goodness for a 'superb month!'
Trisha said…
Mercury Retro starts again at the end of this month Halloween weekend...go figure) and goes through November 18/19...if I remember correctly. The lady that 'reads the Tarot Cards' for me...really believes in it. I always find the week before and the week after are the worst for me. She states it is all the energy as everything is turning upside down or right side up.

Mercury Retro can be a 'bad time' for you....or it could be a 'good time'.

I have all the details I think still on my computer at work and I can send it to you if you would like. But if you are in the least 'superstitious' about those might just not want to know. Nothing major...just more to think about and ponder over.

I find it ...kind of fun and interesting...unless of course it seems to be affecting what is going on in my life.

Of course....if something does go least I have something to blame it on!!!

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