master bath redo

Instead of whining about how I apparently cannot become completely healthy in 2008, I'm going to show you my latest project.

Perhaps you'll remember from long ago that the master bath looked something like this:

I know, raised toilet seat. I know how that bothers some of you (and doesn't make for as good of a picture). Rest assured, I was more considerate in the more recent pics. Because I could not stand the sight of that wallpaper, I've been living with something like this (wallpaper remnants) for quite awhile:

Yeah, it wasn't good but I swear it was better than those flowers. So, during recent bouts of wellness, I finally decided on how I was going to tackle this one. The walls under the wallpaper were not prepped for painting. The thought of removing every last speck of wallpaper made me want to commit self-injurious behavior. I decided to get some paintable wallpaper. I've used it before and was pleased with the results. I'd recommend it if you have walls in not-so-good shape; it covers a myriad of sins. Because of all the funky angles in this room, I went with a random pattern that looks somewhat like Venetian plaster. Here's a close-up:

The paint is a National Historic Trust color (something I've stuck with in all my rooms except the living room--apparently no one in history loved a good orange). It's a grayish-green that changes colors throughout the day. I also removed the old roller shade and installed wide, white faux-wood blinds. Love these! So easy to install and make such a difference. And I installed a towel ring and a new toilet paper holder. So cute and on sale! And replaced the old mirror with a bigger round one. This has made a huge difference--no more bending down to see yourself and it actually reflects some of the window light back at you. Since the whole place was getting a makeover, I went ahead and reorganized and threw out lots of old product. I still need a few little finishing touches but could not be more pleased with the final results.

Note, the fun mirror reflections that are not part of the wall in real life...


Anonymous said…
Looking good! I love the color and the trash can...where did you get it?
WOW!! It looks great!! Good work!
cjm said…
Trash can courtesy of Target. Oooh, ahhh.
Jennifer said…
Love the color! It's so refreshing! Great job!!

Have a great week!

Jennifer :-)
It looks fabulous, cjh! You could SO have your own design show.
Anonymous said…
That bathroom is straight out of Restoration Hardware. I LOVE IT!

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