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Do you think Pluto being demoted will impact astrology?


I don't know how it will impact astrology, but my kids were sure disappointed! Brilliant Daughter said, "Do you know how that messes with my brain?!" Apparently this completely messes up her little sentence she used to remember all the planets: My Very Excellent Mother Just Sewed Nine Useful Pockets - or something like that. Now they have to drop the "P" and come up with a whole new sentence! I'm sure science teachers everywhere are just loving having to re-do their planet lessons now.

Pluto will always be a planet to me. Or Mickey's dog.
Anonymous said…
I don't know how it will impact astrology either, other than causing a line of rediculous debates probably, but what about the Museum of Natural Science? As a kid the sun and the planets in the sidewalk really made me realize the spacial concept. I LOVED walking on the planets!!! They have to change that now :( I am sad. Can't anything stay the same anymore????
Anonymous said…
I don't know the impact, but it sure pisses me off. You can't just 'take away' a planet!

And I only just now realized that I never answered your "What's a circle journal?" question. Sorry about that.

Six other internet friends of mine from around the country are scrapbookers. So, Andrea at thought we should all do a circle journal. We all take a blank journal and pick a theme (so 7 different themes total) and then scrap the theme of each journal. It gets shipped to the next person on the list every week, so at the end we get our original journal back with 6 other people's individual scrapbooking talents in there relating to the journal's theme. It's really really cool. Only two more weeks and we all get ours back.

I like it b/c I'm still new at scrapbooking, so I'm learning a lot of new techniques from everyone else.

Don't know how crafty you are but that's what a circle journal is.
cjm said…
Hells bells...I typed a comment back and it didn't go thru and I deleted it. Too quick with mouse sometimes.

Samantha-that does sound like fun! And I'm very crafty, if I do say so myself.

I was thinking about the museum, too. I think they'll change the inside exhibit but how could they change the sidewalk?!
Good heavens - do you think they'll jackhammer Pluto right up out of the cement?
Anonymous said…
I emailed the museum today so we'll see if they have anything to say about it.


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