10 things--kansas city

Flew there on Monday. Back late last night.

1. Only having to drive 30 minutes to the airport. While Hobby is the ghetto airport it's closer and sometimes worthwhile.

2. Hearing some little girl screaming Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in the airport. Ok, later I realized it was on one of the TVs. I have never seen that commercial before but now have seen it twice. In two different airports. Makes me think yet again how things that are perfectly normal, cute even, coming from a small child is scary if not mentally ill in an adult.

3. Making it to Kansas. Never been there before.

4. Staying in a relatively posh hotel. The travel budget at this job is much better than at the old. This is weird for me. Like Reba's "Fancy," I might have been born just plain white trash... Well, I don't think we were trashy but we were poor. I don't see why people need such fancy places to stay. I'm not a high end kind of girl. It makes me uncomfortable and I feel like an outsider. A more middle-of-the-road place is my kind of thing.

5. Meeting some more fellow employees. (Can you tell I'm really having to stretch with this one?) It is strange, though, to not have co-workers you see everyday.

6. Having one of the above-mentioned co-workers say, in reference to me, "Such a sense of humor, that one." Thanks, glad you noticed within a mere 6 hours of meeting me.

7. Getting finished with training early. Feeling relatively competent during said training.

8. Starting and finishing The Devil Wears Prada. Never in my life have I had more women start talking to me about the book I was reading. There may be a post about this book later in the week.

9. Buying a new snowglobe (for Kansas). The base looks like the yellow brick road and inside it has Dorothy's red slippers. I started collecting these when I started my last job. It's fun and slightly more than a little tacky.

10. Surely there's one more thing. It wasn't a terribly exciting trip... Oh, eating BBQ in Kansas City. They think they invented it I believe. It's not bad, but I still think Texas' is the best.


Bubba said…
I go to KC sometimes. The arch is there. We stay at Hotel Phillips. I've only been there one night though, so we eat at the airports. Real exciting. Then they bring pizza in for lunch. Why they serve someone from NY Pizza Hut I'll never know. I always ask for BBQ.

I like Hobby, it's not ghetto. The new SW terminal is nice. Plus it is like 30 minutes to CL. We fly to Hobby from NY.
katielady said…
Hobby rocks. Bigger airports are just a pain.

What did you think of the book? I read it a while back, and saw the movie on Sunday. The movie did a good job of 'glossing over' all the stupid crap boss-lady made her do, which would have made the movie really long. That's the only thing I didn't like about the book, it went on a little too long for me. But the movie was good.

I love that you collect snow-globes! When I finally meet you, I'll have to come prepared with a snow globe. We have two--one of Austin and one of NYC.

cjh said…
Bubba, I agree about the food. When I was interviewing for grad schools the people at Notre Dame took me, a Texan, to a Mexican food place. Yum, Velveeta...

And, Hobby, I don't know. Maybe one gets more pleasure from feeling super comfortable and knowing how to navigate IAH. It is huge and people freak out about it. I feel eerily calm there most of the time.

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