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I'm going to take a brief moment to whine. I had to set the alarm this morning. I know, poor me. And it was only for 7:50. Again, I know no one is feeling my pain but I'm tired (one day I will write about the pros and cons of working from home and traveling on business). Last night one of my favorite dogs in the world (whom I do not own, just visit) got bitten by a snake. We're pretty sure a cottonmouth. He was swollen and hurting. I haven't gotten any updates yet this morning. I went to bed late and didn't sleep well. I'm sure his parents are in worse shape this morning. Hope he's ok.

The reason I'm getting up early is because of the phone people. They are finally coming to install my work lines. Hallelujah! It has taken twice as long as promised. So sometime between 8am and 5pm today I should be in business. This would indeed be a miracle. I didn't think the guy would actually come at 8am but figured if I slept later he would certainly knock on the door and I would miss him. Then I would be put back down on the bottom of the list... So getting up early is a kind of insurance that he'll come at about 6pm today.

Also, one week ago today I bought an elliptical machine. Most people know that I have bad knees. I'm like an old person. I guess it's been 4 years now since I dislocated the left one last. (Knock on wood, knock on wood) For some reason it did not recover as well as previous times even with more treatment, physical therapy, etc. I don't know what that's about. I was told then that I shouldn't run anymore. I scoffed at it the PT (since one time I dislocated during the strenuous task of making the bed) but haven't ran since then. I've really missed it. One can do a lot of processing while running. You're in a crappy mood? Listen to bitter music while running and it can make you better.

Anyway, after lots of deliberating I thought that if I had to hurt myself it would be best to do it in my own home (last time I had to rely on the kindness of strangers to drive me back home--I hitchhiked?). Also, I have to wear 2 knee braces while exercising. Not exactly the way to lure in the men when out in public. I decided to buy a machine. I've been thinking about this a long time but they are so expensive. Well, when I got this job I got a stipend to set up my home office. I frugally purchased office furniture in order to save money for my "home gym." Even so, he's bottom-of-the-line but does his job. So that's the story. I think the first workout was actually assembling him. Geez. But I've used him (I guess it is male; gym=Jim?) 5 of 7 days so far, slowly building up time. I will not mention the paltry amount of time I can use him thus far but I'll let you know when I make it to 30 minutes.

The workday begins... I will chat about The Devil Wears Prada some other time.


Bubba's Sis said…
I can TOTALLY sympathize with having to get up early - 7:50 is early for me, too! I am NOT a morning person. I'm loving summer because I don't have to get up and get kids off to school - I can sleep in as long as I want (altho Good Girl Dog has decided that 9:00 is the time I need to get up and she gently pats me until I do - I think I'll write about that on my blog!)
katielady said…
You people suck. That's all I have to say.

I haven't been able to sleep through to 8am, even on a Saturday, without waking at my normal 6:30 in forever. Pffpht!
Bubba's Sis said…
Hey, cjh - do you get to work in your jammies?
cjh said…
that i do, bubba's sis, that i do...

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