i just can't wait

I'm currently in Nashville and don't get home until tomorrow. The "10 Things" post will come then. Well, 2-10 will come then because I can't wait to share number one. Ready? Today I saw my very first Elvis impersonator. How fun is that!!! We even exchanged pleasantries. :o) I didn't realize how entertained I would be on this occasion. The best part was the he wasn't actually supposed to be entertaining anyone at that moment. Just sitting on a bench. It was like "Everyday Elvis." And he was kind of old. Still too young to be the real Elvis (who would probably be dead by now anyway). So yea for him.


Bubba's Sis said…
Way cool. I actually love Elvis (the real one). When we were in Memphis we went to Graceland and I thought it was awesome - not cheesey at all. We had a lot of reverence there. After all, he's The King of Rock 'n Roll (Bubba will argue that's not true, that it is Chuck Berry, but he's wrong).
Waggs said…
I breifly dated Elvis. It's unfortunate that he had already started going downhill, but he was still a wonderful lover!
Bubba's Sis said…
I am Elvis' Love Child.

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