the devil wears prada

Like Bubba's Sis, I am now bothered by a few things but will ignore them to write about The Devil Wears Prada. (You can read about the flag stuff by clicking on the link for her blog that's over there on the side).

I have now both read the book and seen the movie. Most often I like to read the book first as I did with this one. TDWP is a quick read. Some people didn't like all the details the author used regarding the grunt work. It helped me feel bogged down for Andy. I can also relate to feeling bogged down with my own job. And with the job consuming me at times. That's one of the down sides of traveling for work. You miss out on things that you wouldn't otherwise. You feel tired once you get home and picking up the phone to check in on a friend can seem like too much effort. This, because I was raised Catholic, brings a lot of guilt. I guess that's why I liked the book. In some weird way it made me feel like someone could relate. Thumbs up for the book. For most people I think it would be a quick, little, mindless read full of fun fashion things. Unfortunately for me, when have I ever been mindless?

The movie...I love the divine Ms. Streep. She's fabulous in every role she's ever played in my opinion. I can always believe her as her character. The role didn't showcase her talent, but I didn't think it would. Some of the things left out of the movie worked fine for me but others I thought were poor choices on the part of the screenwriter(s). I thought her best friend was important in the book. I thought the personality of her boyfriend was important in the book (although the actor who plays him is quite cute). I thought the huge changes to the ending were uncalled for. But most importantly, I'm annoyed at how they changed Miranda. Her entire personality changed at the end. It was too neat-and-tidy-Hollywood for me. Overall, it was just ok. So there you go. I think I'm the only one who liked the book better than the movie. From what I could tell from the ladies in the airport who commented on the movie, one can enjoy it having not read the book (for you non-readers out there).

For those of you keeping up, still no MCI people...


Bubba's Sis said…
Thanks for the link!! :)

The book is ALWAYS better than the movie.
cjh said…
I must say, the one time the movie was far better than the book--Forrest Gump. I thought the book was terrible.
km said…
I take it you are getting free installation, one months free service, and some other things for this inconvenience on MCI's part?

And if you see this comment more than keeps telling me to reenter the word verification.
katielady said…
I thought they did a decent job with the movie, but I read the book too long ago to remember the minute details that they possibly changed. With the exception of Miranda's character at the end, like you mentioned.

And I agree about the boyfriend. He was like an after-thought.

I enjoyed the movie, though, and that's all I'm really looking for in a be entertained.

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