I have a poll. Look! Over there --> a poll. I feel so cool.

So I've always been responsible. I think maybe since birth. I've always done what one is "supposed to do." Despite the fact that I'm younger than my brother, I am the more responsible one. It does not feel like being responsible is getting me anywhere.

I'm single. I have no children. I have access to a truck. I don't particularly love my reasonably new vehicle. Here's what I've been pondering trading up for:

Pontiac Solstice:

Saturn Sky:

Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder:

None are practical. Not at all. But how cute are they?! Seriously, how cute? Vote in that little poll over there. You can only pick one. For those of you who don't like to comment on a regular basis here's your opportunity to just click anonymously.

I think the poll may become a permanent fixture. Maybe a different one on a weekly basis or something.


Anonymous said…
You want the hottest sports car of 2007? Check out MPG blows away all three of the other options, though you need to have $100K lying around to buy this roadster...
angelq said…
I'll have to go with the Mitsubishi because I don't thing Pontiacs typically get very high crash test ratings and, as an owner of a Saturn vehicle, I don't think I'd buy another one - especially not until it has been out for a few years.
km said…
Nice, poll; heehee. i voted but will also voice my opinion since i have eyed the spyder for a while myself...Can you guess which one i would choose if I did not have to worry about the lil' one??? What about the Honda 2 seater? That would have been my other possibility if I could 1) afford a new car and 2) could haul groceries, a kid, myself, and all the other 'to keep kid occupied during the trip' items in it.
katielady said…
I voted for the Spider, but after looking at all of them, I like them all. Go with the best package.

I've driven a spider before, though, and they are incredible.

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