10 things--raleigh, nc

1. Seeing a rainbow from the plane. It never gets old. I love it. On the 4th of July there was a plane flying while we were watching fireworks. I love fireworks. Would love to see what those look like from the plane, too.

2. Getting bumped up to 1st class on the way there. Oh, the perks of frequent flying.

3. Eating pasta at Babymoon's. Great little Italian place we stumbled onto the last time I was there. Good salad dressing, too. And there's a half-wall with pictures colored by kids who eat there. One of them said "Emo kids love Babymoon."

4. That the Hilton people decided to put rocking chairs on the porches.

5. The inability to escape the rain. This is entertaining in a please-can-it-stop kind of way. I do love how green North Cakalaki is, though.

6. When on the road, I tend to watch strange TV shows. This seems to be common amongst people who travel a lot. When I say strange, I mean stuff you'd never watch at home. Maybe never tell people you would watch. I watched (KM, you'll be proud) "So You Think You Can Dance?" and was entertained by it.

7. Getting to wear cute shoes to work. I recently purchased some wedges that have ribbon-like straps that are predominantly pink with white, blue, and green stripes. Super cute. Open-toed. Could not wear open-toed shoes at the last job.

8. Having a cool supervisor for the project I'll be working on. She does not want to treat people like machines. This is a very good thing. She does not lower herself to stay in a Hampton Inn. Ahh, Hampton, you served me well...

9. Ok, seriously. When I was in the airport on my way back home, there was a guy sitting there presumably waiting on his plane (which was not my plane). He was dressed head-to-toe in Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow pirate garb. Complete with smudged eyeliner. I love Johnny Depp and that character but come on people. He was not, in fact, Johnny Depp. Just some guy. I wish we were waiting on the same plane. Later I started imagining him going through security. Or do you think he changed into the garb in a restroom afterwards?

10. Getting work done on the plane. I get to count my travel time as working so if you work while flying you have less work to do tomorrow. I love less work to do tomorrow.

That's my 10 things. Amazing what even a simple little 2 day trip can yield.


"KM" said…
Strange, won't admit it...what are you really trying to say??? Hmmm...that you were actually entertained so you just might be "one of us" :)
Bubba's Sis said…
How wonderful that you can come up with so many positives in a world where we tend to focus so much on the negatives! Well done!

I love your fireworks pictures - mine always come out blurry.

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