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Last night was Journey/Def Leppard. To make it from this part of town to the far other side it takes about an hour and 15 minutes on a good day. There was, of course, one accident that slowed us down. Then it seems everyone in the city was going to the concert. We were backed up on the exit. Understandable. We were backed up waiting for parking. Somewhat understandable. For something like 30 minutes. Not so understandable. Come on people...how hard is it to park? How hard is it to direct traffic? This wasn't your first show. Then the real journey (yeah, yeah, no pun intended) begins...the trek from the parking lot to the actual venue.

The concert was great. We missed the beginning of Journey, which was even more disappointing after we saw the end of Journey. They were pretty good. I had never seen them before. We did hear several good tunes including the one referenced in the title up there.

Def Leppard. Also great. I saw them two (I think--maybe 3?) years ago. I never noticed before but I think every song they sing includes the work "rock" in the lyrics. Not that I mind. And they do, rock that is. The place was jam packed. Busier than I have ever seen. I had no idea those two bands would pull in such a large crowd.

Then, being college graduates, we thought we'd hang out a bit after the show to give people some time to leave. A policeman came and told us to leave after awhile (as we were just getting ready to get up). He said they wanted to go home, too. That it was a long 3 days. Apparently Kelly Clarkson brought in tons of annoying 12-year-olds and Kelly herself needs to "lay off the pizza." We walk out and there are all the concert-goers still in line on the sidewalk trying to get to their cars. Lots of people just sitting on the grass because the line ISN'T MOVING. At all. We join the lawn-dwellers (from one lawn to another). We decide to join the now slowly moving line when the groundskeepers turn on the sprinklers. After finally making it to the car, getting out was a breeze.

We decide to stop at Taco Cabana. There were four in our little group. Maybe about three orders ahead of ours. It took FIFTY minutes to get our order. Oh. My. God. Guess who's getting a call on the complaint line? But we stuck it out.

It was all worth it, though. Good shows. Good friends. I'm exhausted.


katielady said…
Sounds like fun! I'd kill for Taco Cabana right about now. Mmmm, breakfast tacos after a night out on the town. Nothing better.
Bubba's Sis said…
After a fun, exhausting weekend, aren't you glad you can work in your jammies on Monday morning?
cjh said…
I definitely am. It's one of the perks...

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