yea for friday

I have no real topic today. I'm just glad it's Friday. I didn't go anywhere this week. It seems that no traveling typically makes the week go by more slowly. This week it actually felt like I really started my job. There were tasks to do, letters to write, problems to solve (and not just IT ones). It felt good.

I have phone service thru AT&T. I still just have one inside line working. Someone is coming on Tuesday to get the fax line in the house. I love AT&T. It's like finding your soulmate after an abusive relationship (or so I would imagine). :o) They are so nice. They communicate. It's a dream...

Anyone have big plans for the weekend? Tonight I'm going here with some lady friends. Still undecided about Saturday. I'd like to get some sun. I'm tired of all the rain lately (although there are plants flowering in the backyard I didn't even know could flower). Then on Sunday it's time for Def Leppard and Journey. Rock on.

Maybe I could work in a trip to Starbucks. Have I mentioned Starbucks Boy yet? I've been lusting after him for months now. So cute. Maybe this will be the trip I actually confess my undying love. Maybe not. It would make for good reading, hearing about how awkwardly it all went down.

Have a good weekend! Try to work in some adventure. Oh, and if there's something you're dying to read about, let me know. (Andrew, I'm having a hard time coming up with stories of living with a sibling. It's going much better now that we've gotten through that initial adjustment phase.)


katielady said…
We're going to the beach tomorrow! Yay!
Bubba's Sis said…
Heading to Corpus for a weekend getaway - will probably hit the beach and the Texas State Aquarium. Wanted to take in a Hooks game but they are out of town. Oh well. Be careful getting that sun - you read what happened to me! I'll be wearing tons of sunscreen and sitting under a beach umbrella this weekend!

I love Def Leppard and Journey! You do the coolest things! Can I be one of your girlfriends??

Good luck with Starbucks Boy...
Anonymous said…
Yikes! I must be still going through the sibling cohabitation adjustment phase! Andrew

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